Orlando Area Lakes and Ponds

Tip of the week 

Find the moving water and take advantage of the concentration of fish. Also try to search for middle-of-the-lake action. This will be difficult at first but,will make you into a well rounded angler. Most anglers beat the shoreline but truly successful anglers can target deeper fish as well. When fishing deep, finding the active fish is key, look for the schools of shad and work around the school-making sure not to run over the fish as this will spook them. Consider a sinking line. In particular, use an 8wt or 9wt to get a fast sinking ling line.

Seven-day forecast 

There will be plenty of water moving through creeks, rivers, and canals. Canals with moving water should be good bluegill fishing all week. There is potential for bass on top water, but expect them to be in the deeper parts of the lake or in shaded structure. We check water levels on the Peace , Econ, Myakka, Withlacoochee, Hillsborough, and Kissimmee Rivers. All rivers are at historic, all time high levels. Rivers and going to be very dangerous under current conditions...But lakes and connecting canals seem to be in good shape, and good fishing. River levels should remain high while lakes are likely to stay at current levels.

Must Have Flies 
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